I'm so glad you're here...welcome!

What does your life feel like?

  • Is there a nagging sense of being busy, busy, busy, but on the road to nowhere?

  • A lack of clarity or direction?

  • A feeling of disconnectedness?

                               ...and you find yourself asking;     

  • What really matters?

  • When do I get to feel good?

  • Where do I want to take my life?

  • Where do 'I' fit in this whole equation? I’m living it, but do I get a vote?

I am here for you...

I'm an Executive, Life Strategist, Advisor, Creator, Business Woman, Writer, Licensed Desire Map Facilitator and lover of transformation.  As a concrete thinker and intuitive, I support women in reaching for their own definition of 'more'.  Defining what matters, uncovering latent gifts, tilling new soil and taking new ground so they can grow their own sacred gardens.

And I can help...

How do things get out of whack?  As women, we have an innate sense of democracy.  We have the ability to make the lives easier for those around us, we like to pave the way for the people we love, and take care of their needs, only sometimes we go a little too far.  We lose pieces of ourselves along the way.  These pieces are not gone permanently, but if we want to find them again or reacquaint ourselves with someone we used to know, we get to do some digging.  A life lived on your own terms is one that is created, designed and directed by the person in the drivers' seat and that is YOU!

It's not so much about balance, because I believe that we use that word as a beat up stick for how we should be living.  It's more about resonance.  How much of what you're about day-to-day resonates with the way you want to feel?  What if you could book joy, passion, peace, abundance (insert your longings here) into your calendar or list of To Do's like you do an appointment or a run to the grocery store?  If this lights you up to think about or there is something in you that is saying "YES" right now, then this is your official invitation to work with me! 


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