Stories of Transformation

The Desire Map process has been a guiding light in my own life as well as the lives of the participants that have taken my workshops. This blog post is full of happy campers from my last two workshops. If you’re even the least little bit intrigued…go ahead and take a read.

"It has become clear to me that the more we know what our YES is, the easier it is to graciously say no. I struggled with the idea of goals and vision boarding because things didn’t motivate me and I desired something deeper and richer.  This workshop really taps into all of that.  At a time in my life when everything was changing, this gave me the posts to hold on to and the desires that made the path clear.  Knowing from where you want to live from is powerful and freeing.” Yvette, Dallas, TX

"I found the event to be very warm, inviting, open and peaceful. The safety of our emotions was paramount, which made guiding us to tap into deep feelings, a smooth process. My greatest takeaway was getting centered with what true desires mean. Finding the real meaning behind Core Desired Feelings and embracing them with intention specifically to my life.” Monica, Dallas, TX

"I was at a crossroads on a couple of projects I was working on and I wanted some clarity. When Liz told me about the workshop, it sounded like a perfect opportunity dig a little deeper into where I was going and where I wanted to be. The atmosphere was nurturing, fun and effective. I had an absolute blast! I thought the material was great and it was a great way to drill down and get to the bottom of the things I say I want. Going straight to the ”core desired feeling” saves me a lot of time meandering through things I think I have to do to get somewhere or achieve something. I now feel like the more time I spend on my core desire feelings, the better able I am to attract those things to me, instead of chasing them.” Sherry, Dallas, TX

I have been a seeker for many, many years and always looking for new ways to expand my spiritual awareness. The weekend was amazing.  I don’t think I would’ve ever taken a weekend to delve so deeply into core feelings, but I’m glad I did. I don't think I would have ever done it on my own either.  The women in the group were inspiring and helped to create an open environment of sharing. Liz is an incredible force and a caring leader. It’s clear this is her passion and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend. Susan, Frisco, TX

'I have known Liz many years, she is a very intuitive person that has helped me through many life struggles. Her work has changed my entire outlook on life. She has an amazing personality and is passionate about her vision and I am so thankful she can share this with everyone! This workshop was amazing and made me dig into my core feelings - something I have never done on my own. The women in the group made me feel comfortable & confident enough to share details of my life that I normally don't share in a group setting. It was a weekend I didn't want to end. I was so excited about this workshop that I brought a life long friend. Liz is a great facilitator and her passion speaks loudly.” Teresa, Ft. Worth, TX

If you’re still on the fence, drop me a line at and let’s have a conversation about it. My next workshop is Saturday & Sunday, October 17th & 18th, 2015. I would love to see you there!

(Hint: October 1st, the price goes up, so take a look now).


Are You Playing the Comparison Game?

One of the most popular graphics I ever posted on Facebook and Instagram went like this: "A Flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms." This spoke to me in a big way and it obviously spoke to many others as well. 

So why did this post get so much attention? Because we have a love/hate relationship with The Comparison Game. We are lured into playing it and we hate the results. Here's an example . . . you're checking your FB feed and you run across a "friend" (I use the term loosely) who seems to have it all. This is the person who is living life charming . . . the very annoying one whose every post is filled with how well it's all going, how well she's got it together and how terrific all her relationships are. Life is charmed. 

So where do you go when faced with an example of someone who looks as though they have it all or is doing it better than you are?

"Why doesn’t my life look like thatwhy can’t I get it together?"

"What am I doing wrong?"

We gather these negative bits together like a string of popcorn, each one building on the other.  We go down the rabbit hole of situational despair for a few minutes and we’re left with a residue that doesn’t feel good.  So why do we engage?  Because we’re not paying attention.

Here are a few things to remember when you’re playing The Comparison Game:

1) It’s a losing game.  No one ever wins and especially not you.

2) If it doesn’t feel good, stop doing it.  Resist the urge to play.

3) Pay close attention to how you’re feeling.  It’s easy to get on the train of feeling bad, just to feel bad.  STOP yourself in the moment and think of something else that feels good.  A cuddle with your beloved, a hug from your little one, a smile from your fur baby, the smell of rain, the sound of the waves.  Pull yourself out of that yucky feeling place.  All it takes is a few seconds of a good feeling thought to change your vibe.  

4) Ask yourself if what or who you’re comparing yourself to is real.  So much of the time it isn’t.  It’s simply a story we’ve made up about the other person/situation so we can feel crappy about ourselves.  It RARELY has anything to do with them.

Let’s think about our blooming flower for a sec … how unbelievable would it be to hear the lilies on your counter top saying to themselves, “No way, I’m not opening up, not a single bit more … she’s so much more beautiful than I am, just look at her. No, I just can’t do this. Do you see how long she’s been blooming? It’s been 7 days and she’s still going…who does that? Where does she get all that energy, that stamina? I couldn’t possibly compare, she’s so much smarter, oh just look how she's got it together!”  What a laugh riot!  Imagine yourself as that lily the next time you want to compare yourself to another and have a giggle. You are your own beautiful, individual blooming flower. Always blooming, always beautiful, right on time.